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Bournemouth Bloggers Best Bits-PART 1

Soo from brunch at the Real Eating Company to Cider Tasting at The Stable and Afternoon tea at the Norfolk Royale Hotel. It’s safe to say that being part of the Bournemouth Bloggers has its perks!! After finishing second year at university I will be off on placement for a year which means away from Bournemouth for a year. Which why I am going to be doing a 3 part blog special all about the best events over the last few months and why if you’re a blogger in the local area why you should join the Bournemouth Bloggers!!

I know it’s normally the best till last but this time, I’m doing the best first- Cider Tasting at The Stable Bournemouth. Honestly I always though The Stable looked so nice in Bournemouth, overlooking the gardens, modern and a fairly large menu. The reason why I never went in was because when I go out for dinner I want to eat something different, something I can’t make at home, something I have never eaten before!! So the selling point of The Stable being ‘Cider and Pizza’, honestly, really put me off. But I was sooo wrong.

In my 2 hours at The Stable I learnt more about cider than I have in my 20 years on this earth, and also tasted some of the most amazing drinks I’ve ever had in my life. The pizza was all just an added extra!! The prawn to be wild was by far my favourite- never thought a prawn would taste so good on a pizza. SO the pizza tasted amazing, the staff were even better, now onto the cider..

Before this day I was never really a cidre person?? An Old Mount Raspberry and Pear flavour is about as far as I’d go, but since our Cidre tasting it’s literally been my go to drink?? It’s safe to say I have been transformed by the cider itself, the knowledge that was presented to us and the overall atmosphere of The Stable!! We were given 10 ciders to try, all which have been nominated for the 2019 cidre awards. With all the knowledge I acquired you would be reading this blog for days if I spoke about all 10 so instead here's a bit of info about my top 3 and why I think one of these deserve to win the Cidre Awards 2019.

In no particular order

1.PX by Hallets Cider. @HalletsCider

So I’m going to try and not sound like a white girl here but this cider actually tasted like a cheap bottle of rose. Which Ross our host took negatively but being a student there is nothing I love more than a cheap bottle of rose!! So this one was definitely one of my favourites. In more technical terms it is matured in sherry casks giving it a smooth taste. Before this day I honestly never knew you could get ciders that explored such a range of flavours.


So it was between Gospel Green Cider and Night Bird here, it was a very tough decision. Both give that prosecco feel but went with Gospel Green in the end because I was just fascinated at how unique it was compared to all the other cidres! Instead of your usual glass bottle this one came in the classier champagne bottle AND was 8.2% much more than the usual ⅘% cidres we’d been tasting. So this fizzy and sweet cider was a mixture with champagne and is left for a year before drinking and it made with only eating apples. Mmmmm.

3. APRICOT. Dudda Tun Cider. @DuddasTunCider

Much like @yasminstefanie “I am a fruity, flavoured alcohol gal through and through”. So the apricot flavoured cider had to make it up there as one of my top 3! But where does it get it’s sweet flavour?? 100% dessert apples! It was sooo smooth and soo sweet which may be good for those of you that aren’t the hard core cider drinkers amd fancy something sweet alongside you’re pizza!!

Overall the cider tasting was such a good experience and unlike nothing i’ve done before. But it wasn't just the taste of the ciders but the food, the interior and the staff in the stable made it not just cider tasting but an enjoyable evening! I could not recommend this enough, perfect thing to do with a group of friends. The perfect end to my second year at university.

To find your local Stable visit the website-

To find out more visit -

And don’t forget to try the ciders yourself and vote online or at the bar of course!

Marbleous Food X

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