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Okay so I’m not sure about anyone else but I’m actually enjoying isolation and I’m not bored yet??? I feel like all the to-do lists I write every Sunday night are FINALLY getting done, I’m doing things I’ve always wanted to do rather than things I always have to do, and even if they don’t stick or I don’t enjoy them, I’m trying soooo many new things. I saw a tweet yesterday saying something along the lines of, if you haven’t learnt something new during lock down, you’re basically useless. Which I agree with to an EXTENT, I don’t think these days should be COMPLETELY wasted on Netflix and Disney+, but nor do I think everyone needs to come out of this speaking bloody fluent Spanish or created a multi-million £ business plan. I just think this is the perfect time for everyone to try something new and do something different. Whether it's do a yoga class during your lunch break and realise you hate it, or try out a new recipe and decide that is what you want to eat until the day you die, it’s OK.

I’ve seen endless tweets about canny wait to be getting back to the rave, get me in that beer garden etc…… exhibit A.

And yes I miss my friends, I miss getting drunk and I miss going out, but does anyone else feel like they needed this break? I’m alwayssss trying to make the most out of my free time and am constantly thinking, you’re only young once, you’re only young once. So I never have a weekend free I always book things in to make sure I’m doing something, I’m always booking holidays to make sure I see the world when I’m young and whenever I’m not doing those things I’m almost feeling guilty that I’m not making the most out of my time, health and money. A lot of things many people in this world don’t have. So now I’m in a situation where I physically can’t go on holiday and can’t go out and I can spend my evenings trying to do embroidery or spend my Friday night watching Hannah Montana and I don’t feel guilty about it!!

I’m calling this my isolation glow up plan, all the things I want to have tried by the time this is over, and will hopefully make me a better person and appreciate more:

.Run 5k

.Complete my skincare routine every morning and evening

.Try embroidery

.Read more books

.Create something arty on pinterest

.Do more baking

.Work on my social media presence

.Research what I want to do after university

.Start planning for my dissertation

Things I’ve done so far during lockdown

.Put up a trampoline

.Finished my uni assignments

.Started reading 2 books

.Completed my skincare routine every day so far

.Tried an online yoga class

.Attempted embroidery then got bored

.Cleared out my wardrobe and gave 3 bin bags of clothes to charity

.Planned what I want to do after uni

.Downloaded Tik Tok and now I’m obsessed *insert people hating on Tiktok here*

.Gone running every other day

.Tried to teach my dogs assault course tricks - gave up

.Started a pintrest board of quotes from The Magic

.Cleaned my car (this is something I always put off so my dad was v proud of me for doing this:) )

So despite the negative situation, this is YOUR time, your time to start something new and most importantly be grateful for what you do have which I know isn’t the easiest thing to do. Which brings me onto… what you should do if you are bored in isolation!!


  • THE SECRET/THE MAGICS - whether you’re reading this after lockdown or during lockdown EVERYONE needs to read one of these books. Although I love the secret and it is one of the first happiness/mind books that I read. I feel in lockdown ‘The Magic’ is amazing as it's a book you read part of every day for 28 days so it will give you something to look forward to during these uncertain times and will probably change your life. I know during this time Amazon orders may take years and things are out of stock so if you can’t get hold of the book every day as of tomorrow when you wake up write 10 things you’re grateful for and WHY!

  • COUCH to 5K - Okay so this is easier said than done as it’s currently Easter Sunday and I’ve already eaten about 4 easter eggs and 8 hot cross buns BUT I will go do my 5k later don’t you worry Sarah Mulligan. I’ve always gymed but never been fit, but the Couch to 5K actually changed my life. I know it can be difficult to exercise especially if you don’t have a garden but utilise the 1 bit of exercise we’re allowed a day! This is an 8-week app you can use and no matter how unfit you are if you stick to it you WILL be able to run 5k by the end of it! And it will feel amazing. If you’re already pretty fit run 5K 3 times a week anyway and download MapMyRun and try get faster and faster every time!

  • MAKE SOMETHING YOU EAT EVERY DAY FROM SCRATCH - okay so I actually saw a girl on Tik Tok make cheerios from scratch??? She said they tasted grim so I wouldn’t recommend that but maybe bread? Pasta? Almond milk? Baking and cooking can take so much time out of your day and also release a little creativity and happiness! I’m a bloody white girl hummus lover so that is exactly what I have been making in lockdown (recipe below). I used to alwaysssss make flatbreads at uni so think that will be my next mission! Follow my tiktok to keep up to date with everything I’m making during lockdown:) @marbleousfood

  • DOWNLOAD TIKTOK - Okay I actually don’t care what hate I get for this but just download the app!!! That's all I need to say and the rest is for you to discover:)

So basically watch TikTok videos, read loads of books, run and cook!!

Hummus recipe

What you’ll need

.Tin of chickpeas

.Salt and Pepper

.1 Lemon


.2 garlic cloves

.2 tablespoons olive oil

.Food processor

1 - Put a tin of chickpeas in your food processor/blender along with a little of the juice from the tin, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and the juice from half a lemon and blend this all together until you have a smooth consistency.

2 - Season with salt, pepper and paprika and give it a stir.

3 - add your 2 garlic cloves finely chopped and blend again

4 - taste and keep adding lemon juice, salt, pepper and paprika until you have your desired taste! I normally add the juice from a whole lemon as I love the tangy flavour. If you need to add more juice from the chickpeas and olive oil to get a smoother consistency!

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